e2y Connect - Commerce Integration for SAP hybris

Connect your data, applications, APIs and SAP ERP faster

e2y Connect is a highly flexible integration platform that solves integration problems across your SAP landscape, APIs, data and SOA. Connect on-premise or in the cloud. Unlock the potential of the OCC and Data Hub. Leverage developer-friendly tools for speed and productivity. Accelerate projects with pre-built plug-ins; speed and agility are on your side. Reduce your project risk and speed up your implementation time. Bring new functionalities live quickly, thus enabling a targeted response to new requirements in a short time.

Key features

Connect SAP ERP

Connect SAP ERP faster. Exchange master data in a reliable fashion. Integrate existing sales and marketing processes into SAP hybris Commerce. Unlock the potential of SAP Configure, Price, and Quote or SAP Cloud for Customer.

Connect APIs

Expose your enterprise data to internally distributed systems, mobile devices or apps in a secured way. Eliminate friction. Make the changes you need to back-end or front-end platforms with a controlled impact to integrated systems and consumers.

Connect Data

Our solution solves your issues with various data sources, big data volumes or the velocity that data is now expected to be exchanged between systems. In real-time. Connect data faster with full visiblity on the data flows and data quality.

Connect SOA

e2y Connect is lightweight but extremely powerful connecting existing on-premise enterprise service bus platforms (ESB). Unlock the potential of APIs and real-time for your heterogenous systems and scale to connect additional data sources.


Tailored to SAP hybris

e2y Connect is the only integration engine dedicated to SAP hybris that can deal with heterogeneous and complex IT landscapes:

  • all systems and data integrated into SAP hybris
  • native support of hybris OCC and Datahub
  • support for hybris marketing
  • lower integration risks
  • improved time-to-market
  • secure
  • flexible and scalable


Build faster with plug-ins integrating SAP hybris with your ERP, CRM, logistics and payment systems. Featured plug-ins are:

  • hybris Data Hub
  • hybris OCC
  • SAP R/3 & S/4 HANA, CRM & Cloud for Sales
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)
  • Worldpay & Cybersource payment
  • Mirakl marketplace
  • Global-e cross-border eCommerce
  • Vertex & Avalara tax and duties
  • Bazaarvoice ratings & reviews
  • Amplience content authoring
  • Google Analytics
  • New Relic application performance management

e2y Solutions for SAP hybris

e2y has worked on pre-built integrations with hybris software. They are optimised to work with the hybris Commerce Suite. Boost your digital transformation through best-of-breed solutions. Offer the best shopping experience to your dealers or consumers. Your benefits: higher quality, reduced risks, smoother deployments and greater time-to-market.

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Mirakl Marketplace Solution →

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