The Mirakl Marketplace Solution for SAP hybris

Generate incremental growth and increase profitability of your eCommerce platform through turn-key marketplace solution

Mirakl Marketplace Platform is the world’s leading marketplace solution chosen by some of the biggest global retailers. It is a comprehensive purposed-built SaaS platform, developed by experts who previously ran leading marketplaces, bringing you all the advantages of a bespoke platform without the inconvenience of cost, deadlines and infrastructure. The e2y marketplace solution integrates Mirakl with SAP Hybris and other commerce platforms to increase your product range, expand geographically and introduce a profitable new sales channel.

Key Advantages

Generate incremental growth

By enabling third-party vendors to sell on your website, you will increase your product range and bring new audiences to your platform.

Seamless Order & Customer Management

Seller billing, commission calculation, order management and automated email communication through an efficient and intuitive process.

Efficient Sellers On-boarding

Recruit a large amount of sellers through a streamlined on-boarding process and efficient catalog integration.

Mirakl Quality Control

Track 3rd-party sellers' performance and manage them to ensure they comply with our quality of service standards.

Mirakl Marketplace Solutions


A solution designed to adapt perfectly to your B2C sales channel either through the hybris accelerators or your own frontend. We help you on-boarding vendors: our solution integrates Mirakl into the hybris Product Content Management (PCM).


Breadth of choice, competitive pricing and quality of service have become the three essential levers of an effective strategy for acquiring and retaining professional customers. Our solution accelerates the integration of suppliers onto your catalog.


A Services Marketplace allows you to connect with your customers like never before. Offer a combination of products and services and ensure your offering matches all aspects of their lifestyle and expectations.

Our Services

Mirakl Consulting

Mirakl Marketplace Architecture

Mirakl Project Implementation

Mirakl Marketplace Managed Services

About Mirakl

Mirakl’s ambition is to be the catalyst of a marketplace revolution that will transform the traditional e-commerce landscape.
Check out Mirakl website for more details.

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