e2y delivers unparalleled SAP Hybris implementations

SAP Hybris Project Delivery

e2y provides competition-beating implementations of SAP Hybris software. Using agile development methodologies, e2y is uncompromising in its mission to deliver quality solutions that exceed expectations. Our delivery engine is tailored to large-scale, international and omni-channel projects.
We deliver SAP Hybris projects with quality, on-time and according to your requirements thanks to our expertise and project delivery model.


At e2y, we strongly believe in agile project delivery. It helps teams respond to unpredictability through incremental and iterative work cadences. We focus on keeping code simple and testing often. We value individuals and interactions through self-organised teams. e2y strives to respond to change with a continuously working software in a constant collaboration with our customers.


Scrum is a lightweight agile project management framework. We work closely with our customers to identify and prioritise system functionality in the form of a product backlog. Our cross-functional teams estimate and self-assign tasks, to deliver shippable increments of software during successive sprints. During sprints, we utilise agile ceremonies such as sprint planning, daily stand-up, retrospective and demo


Lean and just-in-time are the roots of Kanban. We aim to reduce waste, minimise cycle time and maximise value. e2y believes in the 4 Kanban core principles, namely: visualise work, limit work in progress, efficiency through focus and continuous improvement. We use Kanban in operational environments with a high degree of variability

Hybris Brainstorming

Pick our brains! Our team members have led conceptions and rollouts of international B2B and B2C eCommerce projects with Hybris 3, 4 and 5. We love to bounce your ideas around the room. As a result, we'll help you visualise your business model, value proposition and sales channels. And this of course in the SAP Hybris language

Hybris Discovery

e2y have a mature process to validate all facts and requirements for SAP Hybris projects. As a pivotal part of this phase, e2y propose in-depth Functionality Gap Analysis sessions in order to identify the project's Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The discovery workshops form the Hybris Architecture as a key technical foundation for our project delivery

Hybris Architecture

e2y architects are Hybris experts. We help design your solution unlocking the potential of the SAP Hybris modules and out-of-the-box solutions. We support you putting in place governance procedures and structures to ensure a successful delivery and operational management of the project in the short, medium and longer term

Extreme Programming (XP)

XP is a structured approach to delivering quality projects quickly and continuously. It promotes rapid feedback loops, continuous testing and planning and close teamwork to deliver working software at frequent intervals. We base extreme programming on 4 simple values: simplicity, communication, feedback and courage. To achieve this, we use pair programming as a key supporting practice

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Behavior-driven development (or BDD) is at the heart of e2y's project delivery model. We focus on delivering business-critical features first. BDD as agile software development technique encourages collaboration between developers, testers and non-technical or business participants. It is driven by business value; that is, the benefit to the business which accrues once the application is in production

Continuous Improvement

e2y is constantly striving to improve software and processes. Daily, we aspire to identify opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste. We are making continual small improvements to a process rather than big changes at irregular intervals using a four-step quality model: plan, do, check and act

Test Automation

At e2y, we love test automation. So much that we've created a framework: Test Evolve. It streamlines automated regression and performance testing. Test Evolve is easy to update, thus reducing the human hours needed to deliver effective frontend, backend, security, performance or API testing

To our clients, we are more than dedicated hybris experts: we are collaborative partners with a proven track record, and more importantly passionate about how commerce software is delivered. Discover our eCommerce consulting and eCommerce services:

eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce Strategy

It all starts with the right strategic approach. e2y’s unique blend of eCommerce acumen and technical expertise allows us to develop plans that draw upon best practices. Our team have defined strategies for global eCommerce implementations of SAP hybris. e2y's approach is pragmatic: we combine strategy with our common-sense project planning mindset for customers of all levels of digital maturity. Let us help you define your strategy!

SAP hybris Architecture

e2y architects are hybris experts. We help design your solution unlocking the potential of the SAP hybris modules, out-of-the-box solutions as well as integrating with SAP ERP. Our architects have designed large-scale and international projects for Fortune 500 companies. We support putting in place governance procedures and structures to ensure a successful delivery and operational management of the project in the short, medium and longer term.

SAP hybris Continuous Delivery

Releasing software in a controlled and automated way is a challenge. It is often a painful, risky and a time-consuming process. e2y makes release management reliable, predictable and low-risk. We help you release SAP hybris software from test to production at any time. Our Continuous Delivery (CD) framework helps development, test and operations team work together as one delivery team to automate and streamline the build, test and release processes.

International eCommerce

We live and breathe multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency. e2y is specialised in advising customers building and executing their international commerce. We define a plan with realistic cost implications, local best practices, pricing, merchandising and timelines. e2y is your partner to assess the most appropriate markets for you to target and how to enter them.

Payment Strategy

e2y helps you make payments simple. Our team has an extensive experience architecting and implementing global payment solutions from credit cards to alternative payment methods around the globe. Fraud protection, mobile conversion, PCI DSS compliance, customer experience, APMs, Paypal and client-side encryption are a few buzz words we master well.

eCommerce Project Management

We are proud about our extremely efficient delivery processes. Over the years, we have developed a proven project management methodology to help you get projects completed on-time and on budget. Our team members have an extensive SAP hybris experience. We know how to plan projects, roll-outs and go-live phases as your staff augmentation or for your SAP hybris projects.

SAP hybris Solutions

B2C Commerce

hybris B2C Commerce gives you the ability to offer innovative, omni-channel brand experiences at every touchpoint, including PC, mobile, tablet, call center, point-of-sale and social media. Create the contextual, relevant engagements from the initial steps of research to customer-centric order handling experiences that inspire your customers to buy more.

B2B Commerce

hybris B2B Commerce helps you to adapt to the changing needs of your business customers. hybris' omni-channel is designed to support even the most complex B2B environments offering your buyers seamless opportunities to buy, regardless of the complexity of your back-end systems, at every stage of the customer journey.

Product Content Management

hybris PCM provides a collaborative environment for product managers, pricers and marketers to develop and publish rich customer experiences. With all your business and product content in one place, you can provide a seamless omni-channel experience for customers and bring new products to market rapidly and easily.

Customer Experience

The hybris Customer Experience solution uniquely brings dynamic delivery of content. The native targeting, optimisation and personalisation capabilities of hybris Customer Experience enable real-time, one-to-one personalised digital experiences that scale.

Order Management

hybris Order Management unifies your order processes across channels. The customer-centric order management experience complements existing back-office logic by becoming a hub for orders from multiple order entry systems, channels and touchpoints.

hybris Marketing

The hybris Marketing suite enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of customers. Gain real-time insights into the context of each customer, and leverage these insights to deliver highly individualised customer experiences across channels.


YaaS is a microservices ecosystem helping businesses to rapidly augment and build new, highly flexible solutions. YaaS enables you to focus on building functionality by giving you the freedom to code in any language, a community to support you and lots of tooling to simplify your development.


Increase conversions continuously and automatically by adjusting the merchandising mix to always be in line with customer interests. React and respond immediately to trends, such as what’s selling right now, which products you have in stock, to optimize your merchandising strategy.

SAP hybris Profile

SAP Hybris Profile - running on YaaS - captures and analyses customer interactions, contexts and behaviors to create a continually evolving intelligent profile, enabling a deeper understanding of customer's motivation and intent, in real-time. Enrich your hybris applications with hybris Profile.

SAP Hybris Expertise

SAP ERP integration

e2y has an extensive experience integrating with SAP ERP. We help you enhance your omni-channel capabilities with back-end solutions through our integration framework. Talk to us how you could replicate product and pricing data from SAP ERP to Hybris or B2C customer data from Hybris to SAP ERP.

Omni Commerce Connect (OCC)

e2y is an Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) expert. We know Hybris' next-generation commerce API by heart. It offers a broad set of real-time commerce and data services, which enables you to use the complete Hybris Commerce Suite functionality anywhere in your existing application landscape.

SAP Hybris Data Hub

Our team members have an extensive knowledge of the Hybris Data Hub. We integrate data through this powerful data integration and staging platform in every project. Let us show you how we can help facilitate the loading of large amounts of data from one or more sources onto the Hybris Commerce Suite.

Customer Service

At e2y, we understand how to bring value in a call-center environment using the Hybris Customer Service module. We help call-center managers and operators to quickly perform the needed operations around orders and customers in the sales and the post-sales processes

Search & Merchandising

With Hybris search, our team supports you optimising navigation, facetted search mechanisms, how to boost products, integrating promotions and ultimately improving search results. We pride ourselves to defining the right search strategy and implementation for you

Hybris DevOps

Unlock Continuous Delivery with our Hybris DevOps skills. We know how to define server roles and clusters, clusters of clusters, containerise Hybris with Docker and build & release in your environment, Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Rackspace server farms

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