Yaas - Hybris as a Service

YaaS is SAP hybris new microservices ecosystem that helps businesses to rapidly augment and build new, highly flexible solutions.

YaaS enables businesses to focus on building commerce functionalities in the SAP hybris ecosystem with microservices. Core products are SAP hybris as a Service and SAP hybris Profile. e2y has an extensive experience building solutions on YaaS like connecting YaaS with SAP hybris Commerce, providing payment solutions with Worldpay or profiling your customers with SAP hybris Profile. YaaS website: yaas.io

YaaS - hybris as as service

API first

An API first approach to building commerce apps across channels and devices. Using a loosely coupled architecture is inherently more flexible enabling Apps to evolve rapidly.

Speed to Market

Leverage standard functionality and open APIs, delivered by the leader in commerce software, to build fast and integrate easily. YaaS speeds up deployments and reduces time-to-market.

Trusted, Flexible and Open

Build, adapt and evolve apps based on open, well-documented APIs exposing micro-services built on SAP Hybris as a Service. Deploy trusted and scalable enterprise-grade commerce software components.

Integrated in SAP hybris

Capitalise on your SAP hybris Commerce and Marketing investment by deploying micro-services alongside your commerce and marketing platform.

SAP hybris Commerce as a Service

What is SAP hybris Commerce as a Service

In today’s market you need to be able to bring new products to market fast and at minimal cost. SAP Hybris Commerce Services enable you to build a beautiful and fully functional store in days, not months.

Integrated in the SAP hybris portfolio

SAP Hybris Commerce Services are built using the microservices architectural style with RESTful APIs and using common standards. This makes them easy to embed into Commerce and Marketing.

SAP hybris Profile

What is SAP hybris Profile?

SAP Hybris Profile captures and analyzes customer interactions, contexts, and behaviors to create a continually-evolving intelligent profile, which enables a deeper understanding of the customer's motivation and intent, in real time. This allows customer-facing touchpoints such as commerce and marketing to react and interact in much more personal ways. Built on YaaS, Profile provides unique extensibility so you can easily add functionality from the YaaS Market or create new functionality.

Runs on YaaS

The SAP Hybris Profile packages include APIs and user interface modules built on the YaaS platform. Build new extensions quickly using the platform’s basic building blocks, and easily integrate with the Profile services to capture, enrich, and interpret consumer behavior data that can help you optimize the customer experience. Use YaaS to react to arising market opportunities rapidly and with fewer resources than traditional enterprise software development.

e2y solutions on YaaS

Worldpay Payment

The first global payment solution in YaaS: Worldpay YaaS Services. Unlock the potential of the Worldpay payment services with a truly innovative payment microservice.

Profile to Commerce

Integrate SAP hybris Profile into SAP hybris Commerce. And vice versa. Feed all your transactional data into Profile and create dynamic profiles within seconds.

Profile Browser

Browse your customer profiles in an easy and simple way. Visualise the customer journey through e2y's unique profile browser for SAP hybris Profile.

Virtual Reality

Welcome to Digital Selling!. e2y takes you to the 4th dimension with a truly unique virtual reality solution for SAP hybris Commerce as a Service.

e2y Solutions for SAP hybris

e2y has worked on pre-built integrations with hybris software. They are optimised to work with the hybris Commerce Suite. Boost your digital transformation through best-of-breed solutions. Offer the best shopping experience to your dealers or consumers. Your benefits: higher quality, reduced risks, smoother deployments and greater time-to-market.

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